It's a fact - every single official photo of an actor, singer or politician that you will ever see is the result of expert Photo Retouching.

Retouching has always been a part of professional photography. The human eye is much more adaptive and forgiving than the camera.

Forget those camera ads. The chances are that any photo will suffer from lighting problems, unflattering wrinkles, flaws in the skin, lens distortion, unwanted shadows or funny colour tones that become glaringly obvious when you enlarge them or view them on a high resolution monitor or TV.

Some software packages claim to automatically "fix" your photos with the click of a mouse. If this was true, then magazines and celebrities would not be paying astronomical amounts of money to top Retouchers to process their images. Retouching is both art and science - and so far, no program has managed to do it as well as a skilled human craftsman.

Not happy with the way you look in those holiday snaps? Need to look your best for a job application? Modelling portfolio not looking right? You can do something about it right now. Send those pictures to us and we promise to give every image our personal attention.









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